Art Director  | Graphic Designer 

  • MFA | Sculpture, Arizona State University, AZ
  • BFA | Photography/Critical Theory, Kansas City Art Institute, MO
  • Color Theory/2-D Design, Parsons School of Design, NY

Employing both sides of my brain for the past 16 years:

right – professional artist trained in color theory, photography, welding,  printmaking, sculpture and public art. I think in terms of site-specific context, environment, materials, spatial relationships. I look at light, form, color, the spaces between things.
left – art director and corporate graphic designer in the engineering and freelance fields. Inspired by water, architecture, educational environments, typography, construction processes.


Freelance Graphic Designer – work with clients to develop the aesthetic voice that best identifies and promotes their creative vision. Deliverables include: custom book covers, multi-page documents and printed books, PowerPoint presentations, brand packages (logos, letterhead, PowerPoint templates, brochures, flyers), large-scale conference graphics, educational displays, and indoor/outdoor signage.

Art Director, New Water ReSources – an international network of specialized individuals who create learning experiences that challenge conventional thinking and broaden understanding about water.

…and until recently

Senior Graphic Designer, CH2M – 2000-2016: collaborate with clients to produce visual communications, presentations and collateral for public outreach, education, web and displays for technical and general audiences around the globe.



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