ask, explore, activate, reflect, continue

When art sparks a conversation, fuels an idea
or furthers a thought, it’s expressing value.

Art is dialogue-
conversations that occur between concept and out-picturing; materials and ideas; site and response; artist and audience.

Thoughtful art and design can stimulate new ways of thinking, spark emotion, change how we perceive our environment, and generate connections between ourselves and our world.

During undergrad and graduate studies, I taught, was a visiting artist, led critiques and spoke to groups about studio processes and philosophies. After graduation, I set up a studio and began painting professionally with on-going national representation for nearly 20 years.

Parallel to fine art, I worked in the engineering field as Art Director, Graphic Designer and Concept Development Lead with a focus on water, sustainability and environmental remediation. As a key member of a creative team, I collaborated with engineers and architects to develop strategic visual messaging, presentations, public outreach materials, art opportunities, exhibits and educational programs in visitor centers around the globe. I integrated brand, print collateral, signage, displays, and project themes with the architecture, landscape design and technology to create cohesive learning experiences.

Collaborating with creative, critical thinkers in different fields fuels my curiosity, nurtures the creative spark, and enables me to learn about new technologies, trends and materials.

Creating spaces that support exploration.

Interested in Creative Coaching or studio sessions?
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